Tile or laminate flooring can't go wrong in Calgary

Published: 24th August 2011
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Living in Calgary, Canada requires one to be adaptable to temperature extremes, with cold winters and somewhat balmy summers. The flooring in Calgary Canada needs to be just as adaptable to the climate experienced. When buying or remodeling a house, taking into consideration the weather, expected foot traffic, and maintenance needs, finding good tile flooring in Calgary Canada or even laminate flooring in Calgary Canada is wide open, and will be largely dependent on the preference of the home owner.

Since the Calgary region has a humid continental climate, this plays a small part in what types of flooring will hold up best. Tile flooring in Calgary is an excellent choice, as tile is not affected by tracked in snow and humidity, and the summer or winter temps have no effect on tile whatsoever. And no matter how many snow boot clad feet trek over it, tile once it has been put down can stand up to tremendous punishment.

When it comes to selection, tile flooring in Calgary Canada comes in virtually every size, shape, color, design, and budget. Tile can also allow for the home owner or contractor to express their creativity in the layout and design of the tile flooring. Multiple colors and shapes can be integrated into the final design, especially if one is good with a tile saw. If properly laid down with a good mortar, tile is as tough as stone, and would require something along the lines of deliberately striking the tile with a hammer to damage it.

Laminates in Calgary Canada are also an excellent choice, as they climate isn't too harsh. Laminate flooring can provide the look of wood flooring, tile flooring, or any other flooring for that matter at a fraction of the price of the original. Laminate isn't as tough as tile, however, and requires a little more care to keep it in top condition. Remember that water is the enemy of the laminate floor and if any water gets under the laminate, it will ruin it, end of story. Most damage can be mitigated by making sure to take off the snow boots outside and not track anything in, and laminate flooring can be a good choice.

Both laminates and tile flooring in Calgary Canada offer the advantages of being easy to maintain and clean. Their hard surfaces resist all staining, spills, grime, and mud. A simple vacuuming along with either good mopping or something along the lines of a Swiffer Wet Jet every couple of weeks is all you need to keep them clean. Since tile and laminate have tough surfaces, dirt can't penetrate and is easily picked up right off the surface.

The grouting on tile flooring can become discolored or stained over time, especially if it is a light color. To avoid this, go with a dark colored grout, or use a grout sealant to keep any stains from seeping in and make cleaning easier.

Tile flooring requires no waxing, but some laminates do look better and clean up easier with a layer of wax. In this instance follow the manufacturer's recommendations on waxing.

In closing, flooring in Calgary Canada is wide open, as the climate is very friendly to both tile and laminate flooring. Even tracked in snow won't hurt tile, but any moisture other than what is used to mop or clean for a laminate floor should be avoided. By going with these types of flooring, and keeping a regular schedule of maintenance, the tile or laminate floor will serve you well and enhance the look of the house for years to come.

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